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The city of Turku (in Finnish) or Åbo (in Swedish) is located on the south-west coast of Finland. It is the oldest town in Finland.


The Turku Cathedral. Photo: Jaana Kouri.



Currency: Euro, divided into 100 cents

Banks: Opening hours Mon−Fri  10:00−16.30, ATMs called Otto are available generally next to the banks.

Credit cards: Credit cards are widely accepted. They can be used in department stores, restaurants and hotels, taxis and also in many small shops.

Drinking water: Finnish tap water is of the highest quality and can be consumed safely throughout the country. Bottled mineral and spring water is available in shops and restaurants.

Electricity: The electric supply in Finland is 230 volts (50Hz) and wall outlets are the Northern European standard (CEE 7/4) with two round contacts. The standard two-pin European plug (CEE 7/16) can be connected to these outlets.

In case of an emergency dial (Ambulance, Police, Fire department): 112

Health care: The On-Call Service at the Health Centre, address Kunnallissairaalantie 20, is open 24 hours a day. We recommend calling first. Their number is +358-02-10023.

Pharmacies: There are several pharmacies in the city centre. Pharmacies are not open at night time. The Yliopiston apteekki has the longest opening hours, from 7:00 to 23:00 every day. Its address is Yliopistonkatu 25.

Shopping hours: The opening hours below are general guidelines, and there may be local variations.

Weekdays 09:00−21:00
Saturdays 09:00−18.00
Sundays 12.00−18.00

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited indoors in public places such as airports, bus and railway stations, universities, theatres and cinemas. In restaurants and licensed premises smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Taxis: Taxi fares throughout Finland are comparable to those in continental Europe. The meter is switched on as the customer steps into the vehicle. At the start of the journey the meter displays a fixed basic charge. In daytime, a 5km journey costs about 15€ and a ten-kilometer ride 20€. The telephone number for ordering a taxi in Turku is +358-02-10041. Night-time fares include a surcharge.

Time: Finland has adopted Eastern European Time, EET, which is two hours ahead (+2) of Greenwich Mean Time. Eastern European Summer time, EEST, is three hours ahead of GMT.

Tipping: In restaurants and taxis, service is included in the price. Tipping is not necessary but customers may leave a tip if they so wish.

Weather: The August weather in Turku is usually sunny and comfortably warm. Rain and wind are not unusual so it is recommend you pack some warm clothes and an umbrella or raincoat to be on the safe side. Check the detailed weather forecast at