The excursion starts from Turku Cathedral with bus about 45 minutes to Rikalanmäki, Salo.


Rikalanmäki hill is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Finland as well as one of the most important cultural landscapes protected by the National Board of Antiquities in South-west Finland.

Rikala has been owned by the city of Salo and until now it has served as a home for artists such as ceramicists and actors.

There is nowadays a restaurant, where we have a buffet dinner.  We have also possibility to visit two exhibitions there. One is the exhibition of Juha Pentikäinen: Voyages Beyond.

The exhibition Voyages Beyond tells about shamans who travel to the other worlds on behalf of their people. It is based on expeditions of professor Juha Pentikäinen at the Lower Amur river in Siberia, Russia, and his encounters with two strong Nanai shamanesses. The exhibition takes you to voyages beyond – and back.

The other is the exhibition “Työnantajana Taivas ja Maa”, which comprises old retro photographs of  shaman women, made by a finnish artist Tuula Nikulainen and Mihály Hoppál.

The excursion includes in the registeration fee.